Certificate in Art of Makeup



  • Hygiene
  • Determining skin type: normal, dry, oily
  • Preparing the skin: proper cleaning toning and moisturizing
  • Color wheel and color correcting
  • Product knowledge: how to build makeup kit
  • Full understanding of Usages of set of makeup brushes
  • Perfect foundation application: using right foundation for different type of skin
  • Morphology (Contouring) using cream and powder
  • Nose correction: how to make your nose look thinner and smaller
  • Eyeliner technique: classic, double winged and colored liner
  • Eye shadow blending: single shade double shade triple shade, Smokey eyes,
  • Baking and Blusher technique
  • Proper eyes lash curling and mascara technique
  • False eyelashes application: eye correction technique
  • Brow filing technique: using gel and powder
  • Lip correction technique: lipstick application
  • Makeup for different occasion
  • Social media class: content creating , gaining follower, helping to start your career as a professional makeup artist
Certificate in Art of Makeup