Roseate Special Course

DAYS-6 month



This course brings you full knowledge of beauty industry. After completing this course you have many choices for start your career, become a salon owner, salon manager, as a trainer,……….you can work.

  • Beauty: Hygiene safety and sanitization, Tools knowledge
  • Knowledge of type of skin: facial according to skin types, facial stroke pressure point, massage manipulation, precautions and benefits, Product knowledge, patch test, trolley making, skin analysis .machinery knowledge .how to work on problematic skin.
  • Hair: hygiene safety and sanitization, product knowledge
  • Hair structure: hair analysis, hair growth cycle, hair coloring technique, blow drying technique Hair treatments by using machine.
  • Makeup: products knowledge, hygiene, sanitization.
  • Color wheel, color correction, selections of eyeshadow.
  • Understanding of face shape, how to apply perfect base according to skin tone
  • Eye shadow techniques: two, three, cut crease, Smokey……many more.
  • Airbrush makeup.
  • Contouring techniques, blusher techniques, lipstick application.
  • Traditional hairstyle, Thermal setting, braiding style, different types of buns, messy bun…many more… hairstyle.
Diploma Course in Hair Styling